btd | Investment consultancy
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Investment consultancy

With above 24 years of experience in foreign investment consultancy and with more than 200 successful investment projects and foreign invested enterprises established in Vietnam, BTD has affirmed its reputation in the field of investment consultancy. BTD may provide foreign investors, especially Japanese investors with the following services:

  • Supporting in market research and advising about selection of appropriate location for investment;
  • Supporting in organizing meetings with business partners, suppliers; supporting in contract negotiation;
  • Advising about procedures of establishing investment projects and enterprises;
  • Advising about possible investment incentives applied to the Project in accordance with applicable laws of Vietnam;
  • Advising about current policies of Vietnam relating to business activities of foreign investors in Vietnam;
  • Supporting in procedures of application for investment projects & enterprises; establishment of representative offices, branches of foreign companies in Vietnam; establishment of representative offices, branches and business locations of foreign invested companies;
  • Supporting in procedures of amending, changing contents of the investment project, the information about the investor/the owner of enterprise and the information about the enterprise;
  • Supporting in procedures of assigning the project, assigning contributed capital, acquiring shares;
  • Supporting in procedures of enterprise dissolution and project closure.


In Japan, BTD provides services and supports in outward investment procedures for Japanese investors; in details:

  • Advising about investment procedures in Vietnam;
  • Providing information, documents relating to business and investment environment in Vietnam.
  • Supporting in preparing legal documents of the Company for investment application dossier in accordance with regulations of Vietnam.