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Besides professional accounting service, BTD will support Enterprises in declaration of taxes with accuracy and effectiveness, final settlement of taxes in accordance with applicable regulations of Vietnam and refunding taxes sufficiently, promptly and accurately.


  • For individuals: BTD has rich experience in supporting foreign employees in declaration, final settlement and refunding of personal income tax (PIT). BTD will support individuals in following activities:
  • Registering personal income tax payer ID, registration of dependent persons;
  • Declaration of PIT with the most accuracy, sufficiency and effectiveness for tax payer in accordance with applicable regulations;
  • Accurate and effective final settlement of PIT at the end of year and/or at the time the foreign employees finishing their working term in Vietnam;
  • Refunding of PIT (if any)


  • For enterprises: BTD will support enterprises in preparing accurate and sufficient tax declaration/report in accordance with applicable regulations on taxation of Vietnam; In particular:


  • Supporting in monthly or quarterly declaration of value added tax (VAT);
  • Supporting in reviewing and checking documents and fulfilling procedures of refunding VAT;
  • Supporting in declaration of PIT for all employees of the enterprise;
  • Supporting in final settlement of PIT for the whole enterprise;
  • Supporting in declaration of foreign contractor withholding tax;
  • Supporting in final settlment of foreign contractor withholding tax;
  • Supporting in quarterly declaration of temporarily calculated corporate income tax (CIT);
  • Supporting in annual final settement of CIT.