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Nam Sach Industrial Zone

Nam Sach IZ is one of 3 industrial zones located in Hai Duong province developed by VID Group. The IZ is located in Hai Duong Province (Ai Quoc, Cam Giang District) with the total area of 63 ha and considered as one of most attractive location for investment attraction in Hai Duong.


VID Group always places strong focus on investment in complete, integrated, modern and stable infrastructure: from transportation, electricity supply, water supply and drainage, telecommunication and IT. Moreover, VID Group also provides wide range of service to support investors most effectively. With prominent location and condition, Nam Sach industrial zone is an attractive location of both domestic and international investors. Currently, Nam Sach IZ has succeeded in attracting more than 16 companies from Taiwan and Japan.


Location map

Nam Sach IZ locates next to the National Road 5 and National Road 38, closed to Hanoi- Hai Phong Railway.

– Distance to Hanoi city center: 57km

– Distance to Noi Bai international airport: 65 km

– Distance to Hai Phong port: 56 km

– Distance to Cai Lan – Quang Ninh port: 67 km


Technical infrastructure

Land condition:

The land is filled up with sand, compaction: K>=0.9

Ground level: 9m

Power supply system:

The power supply for Nam Sach Industrial Zone is taken from the 35KV transmission line to the transformer station with the capacity of 30,000KVA, always ensuring stable supply of electricity for production of enterprises.

Water supply system:

Stable water supply system with total capacity of 4,500m3/day ensure sufficient water for production and daily living purposes of enterprises.

Wastewater treatment plant:

Wastewater treatment plant with the capacity of 3,600 m3/day has been invested and put into operation.

Wastewater is collected and treated up to standard before being discharged, ensuring control of industrial wastewater and waste.

Telecommunication & IT facilities:

Modern telecommunication & IT system with wide range of services to promptly serve each enterprise.

Social infrastructures

Security system

The professionally trained security forces have the responsibility to manage and maintain security and order, ensure the living and working environment for the whole Industrial Zone.

Fire Prevention System: The industrial zone is equipped with most modern firefighting system, compliable with national legistration. Fire hydrants are installed on internal roads within the industrial zone.

Green trees: Green landscape in the industrial zone is planned along the internal roads, creating an airy landscape and protecting the environment.

The investor constructing and trading infrastructures of the industrial zone:


Address: Nam Sach Industrial Zone, Ai Quoc Commune, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong Province

Tel: 0220.3752 001                      Fax: 0220.3752 001

Transaction office: TNR Tower, Floor 25, 54A Nguyen Chi Thanh, Dong Da District, Hanoi

Tel: (84-24) 32484283                    Fax: (84-24) 32484283



– Decision No. 539/2003/QD-UB dated 27/02/2003 on establishment and approval for the project on constructing and trading industrial zone infrastructures of Hai Duong People’s Committee.

– Total investment capital: VND 86,752,000,000

– Operation term: 49 years since the date of investment decision.

– Land rental: No abundant land for rental