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BTD Japan was established in 1993. After 24 years of development, we have provided investment consultancy service, services for supporting enterprise’s operation (accounting – human resource) for Japanese enterprises investing in Vietnam; and we have also cooperated with state agencies in performing investment promotion activities.


BTD Japan stands for Bureau for Trade and Investment Development with Japan, an organization established in June 1993 under the permission of Ministry of Commerce of Vietnam (now Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam) with head office in Hanoi and branches in Ho Chi Minh City and Tokyo, to cooperate with Vietnam Trade Information Center (VTIC) – an authority directly under Ministry of Commerce. Since then, the name “BTD” becomes familiar with people. In 1994, “BTD Report” – the first newsletter about Vietnam was published, which conveyed much information on investment environment in Vietnam to Japanese enterprises. BTD Report has provided basic foundation for Japanese enterprises to invest in Vietnam in the context of the first investment wave from Japan into Vietnam.


In 1996, Vtrade Co., Ltd. and JASMINZ Ltd. were founded in Japan, specializing in consultancy services for Japanese enterprises. With the aim to provide comprehensive consultancy and support, other members of BTD such as Javina Investment Development Co., Ltd, BTD Consulting and Accounting Service Co., Ltd and Phuc Binh Co., Ltd were established in Vietnam.


Up to now, BTD has provided consultancy services, supported in enterprise operation, introduced skilled staff, supported in market-seeking and connected business activities between Japanese and Vietnamese enterprises for more than 250 enterprises. Since 2002, BTD has advised and cooperated with Industrial Zone Infrastructure Development Companies of Vietnam in developing and attracting investment into the Northern industrial zones. BTD has provided closed procedures of investment project establishment for Japanese investors in 07 industrial zones around Hanoi. Up to now, BTD has successfully supported in establishment of more than 150 Japanese investment projects in the industrial zones which are all owned by one Vietnamese Investor, which helps the industrial zones of this Vietnamese Investor become the leading industrial zones in number of Japanese investment projects in Vietnam.


Since 2016, BTD has researched to build the investment environment for attracting Japanese investment projects in auxiliary industries. We have worked with Dong Van III – Ha Nam Industrial Zone Infrastructure Development & Investment Joint Stock Company, a company with capital owned by Ha Nam Provincial People’s Committee – to develop Dong Van III Supporting Industrial Zone; then supported this Company in project establishment, marketing, investment promotion and calling investment from Japan; we have also supported Japanese investors subleasing land in this Supporting Industrial Zone in completing procedures for establishment of investment projects and enterprises; and then provided consultancy services & support for enterprise operation after these Japanese enterprises are established. Now Dong Van III Supporting Industrial Zone are interested by many Japanese companies, groups and organization, for example, in 2017, Hyogo Prefecture & Kobe City agreed to build a specific area in Dong Van III Supporting Industrial Zone for investors coming from Hyogo Prefecture & Kobe City; Kanagawa Prefecture also agreed to build its specific area for Kanagawa investors. By construction of factories for lease and building an area with small land lots, this Supporting Industrial Zone creates favorable conditions for small & medium investors while helps them to save and reduce initial investment costs.


In the near future, we – members of BTD – with more than 24 years of experience, will make the best efforts to improve the quality of our services to effectively serve Japanese enterprises in Vietnam and guarantee the success of investors who have invested in Vietnam.