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BTD Consulting and Accounting Service Co., Ltd is recognized by Ministry of Finance as an accredited company providing professional accounting services in accordance with applicable regulations of Vietnam. BTD will provide full package of accounting services or basic accounting services, accounting consultancy service for enterprises, especially Japanese enterprises and foreign invested enterprises in Vietnam.


BTD will perform the following accounting works:


  • Establishing accounting system, account system, accounting book system and financial statements in accordance with applicable laws and accounting standards as well as business activities of enterprises;
  • Advising about preparing and issuing invoices, accounting documents;
  • Classifying and inputting data into accounting software; Processing operations such as distribution, carrying forward, calculating price and costs of goods sold, calculating business results;
  • Reviewing and checking accounting data, balance of accounts before preparing financial statements and other reports in accordance with applicable laws;
  • Preparing and printing financial statements (Balance Sheet; Income Statement; Trial Balance, General ledger, Cash flow Statement);
  • Arranging signature on general vouchers, financial statements and accounting books prepared by BTD for customers under (i) title of the person preparing general vouchers, financial statements and accounting books, (ii) the title of chief accountant on financial statements, accounting books;
  • Supporting in auditing annual financial statements;
  • Supporting in submitting financial statements, tax reports to the competent authorities in accordance with applicable regulations;
  • Supporting in explaining data in financial statements, tax reports prepared by BTD with tax authority and other competent authorities;
  • Other services relating to corporate accounting: Advising about foreign loan agreement; registration of foreign loan; supporting in calculating salary, insurances, personal income tax; …..
  • Supporting in preparing financial statements in Japanese as requested by the parent company of customers.

In addition, with support of staff having rich experience in accounting for foreign invested enterprises in Vietnam and thorough knowledge of common issues of foreign invested enterprise during its operation, we are very confident of advising accounting-related issues such as:

  • Advising about preparing, issuing and managing invoices, accounting documents;
  • Advising about preparing account system used in accounting activities of the enterprise;
  • Advising about book-keeping for economic transactions in accordance with actual status of the enterprise and accounting policies and standards;
  • Advising about building accounting book system in accordance with applicable regulations of Vietnam; Advising about establishing financial statement system of the enterprise;
  • Advising about price calculation method in accordance with business operation of the enterprise;
  • Advising about issues, difficulties relating to accounting which enterprises often face with; etc.