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Labor is a significant field in the operation of an enterprise because it directly affects employees working in that enterprise. With thorough knowledge of labor policies and experience gained from working with foreign invested enterprises for more than 24 years, BTD is confident of providing labor consultancy services with the following activities:

  1. Advising about recruitment:
    • For investment projects and enterprises established in Vietnam under consultancy of BTD, BTD clearly understands demand and business operation features of that enterprise, so BTD can accurately advises about recruitment of key persons to guarantee effective business operation of the enterprise.
    • With long-term cooperation relationship with Vietnamworks in posting recruitment advertisements and seeking for talented candidates, BTD is entitled to many special incentives in advertisement fee in Vietnamworks website and is supported by Vietnamworks in almost recruitment services;
    • BTD can support enterprises in choosing appropriate candidates and organizing recruitment interviews as required by Enterprise;
    • Advising about issuing Recruitment notice, preparing employment contracts, probationary employment contract and training contracts.
  2. Advising about organizational structure which is appropriate to operation of the enterprise, conditions and standards for each position or each job in the enterprise; advising about preparing Working regulations and Collective Labor Agreement.
  3. Advising about labor regimes and policies applied in the enterprise:
    • Advising about preparation of payroll, Regulations on salary;
    • Advising about social insurance, health insurance, and unemployment insurance;
    • Advising about settlement of labor discipline violation and compensation for material damage, working time, break time, benefits for female employees, and other benefits to motivate employees to increase productivity, etc.
  4. Advising about foreign labor:
    • Consultancy and introduction of foreign employees;
    • Preparing documents and applying for work permit;
    • Advising about procedures of immigration, temporary residence registration, salary, personal income tax and overseas outward remittance of foreign employees.
  5. Candidates’ registration:

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