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Dong Van III Supporting Industrial Zone

As one of the two supporting industrial zones in the North of Vietnam approved by the Government, Dong Van III Supporting Industrial Zone was established on 25/4/2017 in Duy Tien district, Ha Nam province with the area of 300 ha (expected to be expanded to 800 ha) and invested by Dong Van III – Ha Nam Industrial Zone Infrastructure Development & Investment Joint Stock Company. Dong Van III Supporting Industrial zone is oriented as a supporting industrial zone with such sectors as: electronics, telecommunications, automobile assembling and manufacturing, mechanical manufacturing and hi-tech industrial products. Its operation term is 70 years since the date of decision on establishment. This is an industrial zone dedicated to Japanese investors.

Location map

– Next to National Road 1A, Hanoi – Cau Gie – Ninh Binh – Thanh Hoa Highway, National road 38 and North – South Railway.

– Distance to Hanoi: 50km

– Distance to Noi Bai Airport: 70km

– Distance to Hai Phong Port: 90km

Technical infrastructure

Land condition:

The land is filled up with sand, compaction: K>=0.9

Ground level: 3.3m

Land plots have an area of from 1 ha to 50 ha, including land area for small and medium enterprises with the area from 1.000 m2 to 5.000 m2.

In particular, the industrial zone has workshops for lease for small enterprises with an area of 500-1,000m2 or larger depending on the investors’ needs.

There are land plots planned to build housing for experts and workers with an area of 6.25 ha.

Road system: The internal traffic system of the industrial zone is synchronous and modern and connected with the national road network, which is very convenient for traveling and transporting goods from/to Noi Bai Airport and Hai Phong Port.

Other infrastructures as electricity, water, waste water treatment, telecommunication, … are also synchronously and modernly invested.

Special incentives when investing in Dong Van III Supporting Industrial Zone:

Corporate income tax (for products considered as supporting industrial products):

Preferential tax rate: 10% for 15 years;

Tax exemption for 4 years, tax reduction 50% for the next 9 years.

Import tax is exempt for goods imported to create fixed assets in accordance with the provisions of Law on import and export tax and the guiding documents.

Land lease term: up to 70 years (to 2087)

Other incentives:

Infrastructure rental: The rental is very competitive in comparison to other supporting industrial zones.

Factory rental may be exempted or reduced during the installation of machinery and equipment.

Supporting enterprises fulfilling administrative procedures such as: Investment registration certificate, construction license, procedures relating to land, certification of supporting industry project, etc.

Funding support for vocational training, training local laborers for Enterprises.

The Official investment promotion organization of Dong Van III Supporting Industrial Zone: 

BTD Square in Hanoi (BTD Japan)

Address: Floor 8, Diamond Flower Tower,No. 48 Le Van Luong, Nhan Chinh, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi
1.Mr. Ryoichi Nakagawa
2.Mr. Yutaka Yasukawa
Mobile:+84-123 8393 112

Brief Information about Dong Van III Supporting Industrial Zone
Industrial Park Name Dong Van III Industrial Zone
Location Duy Tien District,
Ha Nam Province
Developer Dong Van III-Hanam Industrial Zone Infrastructure Development & Investment JSC (HAPDIC)
Target Industries All kinds of industries, especially for supporting industries
Correspondence with Japanese (Number of persons) Mr. Ryoichi Nakagawa: Tel.: 0913236620;


Development area Phase 1: 131ha ; Phase 2: 300ha
Sales Area Phase 1: 100ha
Available Area (2017/8) 90ha
Establishment 2016
Number of Entering companies (Number of Japanese companies) Japanese companies: 8 companies
Land Route Adjacent to National Highway 1; near Vuc Vong Interchange (Dong Van)
Seaway Hai Phong port (80km) 2 (hour)
Airway Noi Bai Airport (70km) 1.5(hour)
Distance from Hoan Kiem Lake 40km               1 (hour)
Distance from AEON Mall,
Long Bien
        40 km                 (50 min ~ 1 hour)
Ground Force Proof K>=0.09
Height above sea level  3.5 meters
Road system Width of Main road 42 meters
Width of branch road 15 – 20 – 30 meters
Flood / Typhoon Not affected

No damage caused by flood in the last year

Flood Control, etc. Ground level: 70cm higher in comparison with other industrial zones

There is highway with 4m-height in the direction from Red River

Leasing period 70 years until 2087
Land Price To be advised
Management Fee 6,500VND/m2/year
Electric Fee subject to regulation of Vietnam
Water Charges 11,500VND/m3
Wastewater Treatment Charges 9,600VND/m3 for B standard
Electricity Available with 22KV

Uninterrupted power as committed by Ha Nam Province

Transformer Station of Dong Van III operated in January 2018

(Currently shared with Dong Van I)

Water Supply Available with capacity of 11,500m3/day & night and max capacity of 200.000 m3/day & night
Wastewater Treatment Facility Available with capacity of 1st phase of 2000m3/day & night; max  capacity of 7,500m3/day & night
Gas Supply Available, Source of gas from Thai Binh
Communication Available

(Signed memorandum of understanding with KDDI)

Labor Force Available
Salary Grade Average for worker: 3,200,000VND/month
Minimum Salary VND 2,900,000/month (Min Regional Wage)
Corporate Income Tax +  Supporting industry: CIT of 10% for first 15 years from the year of turnover; exemption of CIT for 04 years; reduction to 50% of CIT for 09 consecutive  years from the year of deriving profits;

+ Others: exemption of CIT for 02 years , reduction to 50% of CIT for consecutive 04 years from the year of deriving profits

Personal Income Tax subject to current regulation on PIT of Vietnam
Other Incentives policy The raw land tax will be exempted for first 20 years until 2037.
Logistics Warehouse the ICD (Inland Container Deport) will be installed inside Dong Van III Industrial Zone by Sai Gon Newport Corporation  (Tan Cang Sai Gon)
Customs Branch Hanam Customs Branch
Service Facilities 1.      Inside Industrial Zone Area (DV 1~3):

Internal roads system is available;

Electricity system is available;

Fresh water system is available;

Waste water treatment system is available;

Drainage system is available;

Bank: BIDV –Duy Tien branch, Vietcombank- Duy Tien branch; Maritime Bank-Duy Tien Branch

All banks located in Dong Van Town (1 km far from Dong Van III IZ);

Apartment for Japanese people: Famille Hanam Service Apartment developed  by Fuji Group (Japanese) , less than 01 km from Dong Van III Industrial Zone;

Hospitals: Bach Mai Hospital- Hanam branch; Viet Duc Hospital – Hanam branch now under construction in Phu Ly city (about 18 km far from Dong Van III IZ);

Japanese Restaurant: Toki An Restaurant located about 01 km from Dong Van III IZ;