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KimBang I Industrial Zone

General planning of Kimbang industrial park i

The industrial park will actively promote the installation, operation and use of green energy. The Industrial Park will introduce the solar power system and install the solar power system so that units and businesses in the Industrial Park can use this clean energy source effectively. In addition, we will also manage, develop and preserve many green areas in the Industrial Park to regulate the temperature with nature and reduce the power consumption of the air conditioning system, from That ensures energy savings. At the same time, we will also make efforts to reuse water resources through collecting and treating rainwater and wastewater generated from activities in the Industrial Park for reuse. Our goal is to build an ecological, green and clean industrial park that creates the most comfortable investment and business environment for secondary investors and the local community around the Industrial Park. We will and always cooperate and coordinate closely with local residents from the beginning of infrastructure investment in the Industrial Park to create mutual understanding between local residents and secondary investing businesses. level in the Industrial Park and so that secondary investment enterprises in the Industrial Park always receive enthusiastic support from local residents as well as establish a harmonious relationship and both sides achieve mutual benefits.
We will always maintain the operation of the Industrial Park in compliance with Vietnamese laws and carry out activities so that businesses in the Industrial Park can make more contributions to the local community. . We also always strive to raise the awareness of workers, employees working in Industrial Parks and other relevant parties to be conscious of compliance with Vietnamese laws. With the goal of building a sustainable locality, we always accompany the local community to maximize the sustainable use of available local resources. KimBang district where the Industrial Park is located is a famous locality in Vietnam with rich natural landscapes, and the Tam Chuc scenic complex is ranked at the national level for scenic spots, so we always accompany you. together with local authorities so that KimBang district in particular and Ha Nam province in general can create economic growth, jobs and reduce environmental impact, implementing 17 sustainable development goals, by connecting natural natural and economic, the connection between the beautiful natural landscape of the region and the clean, green industrial park attracts many potential investors; Connecting tourism and industry creates many jobs and business opportunities for local workers, while attracting many workers from neighboring localities to settle down and do business in KimBang.
Location advantage


The newly built road will connect Hanoi with KimBang I Industrial Park, making travel from the center of Hanoi to the southern suburbs of Hanoi and localities of Ha Nam province more convenient. It is easy for businesses investing in KimBang I Industrial Park to recruit workers from Hanoi and neighboring localities in the region. This new road will also connect with ring road No. 3 (passing through Hanoi’s districts), ring road No. 4 (passing through Hanoi, Hung Yen province, Bac Ninh province) and ring road No. 5 (passing through Hanoi, Hung Yen province, Bac Ninh province) and ring road No. 5 (passing through Hanoi, Hung Yen province, Bac Ninh province). passing through the territories of Hanoi, Ha Nam, Hoa Binh, Thai Binh, Hai Duong, Bac Giang, Thai Nguyen, Vinh Phuc), significantly shortening the accessibility to all areas around Hanoi as well as Noi Bai international airport and Hai Phong port.
KimBang district in Ha Nam province is the area with the third lowest minimum wage in Vietnam (the first minimum wage in Vietnam is Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh) and the area with the lowest minimum wage in the region. Wednesday (the lowest level in Vietnam) is only about 30 minutes from Kim Bang district. It can be said that KimBang is the only area near Hanoi that has low wages and can recruit a high-quality workforce. Labor source The social housing and worker housing project on an area of 12 hectares will start construction in August 2024. Scale: low-rise townhouses: 600 units; High-rise apartment buildings: 500 units; Estimated population: 3,200 people Reserve 5 hectares to build housing for workers in the industrial park (maximum 15 floors)
KimBang I Industrial Park is very close to the North – South highway, from the Chinese border (of Dong Dang – Lang Son border gate) to the Industrial Park only takes about 3 hours by car; When this North-South Expressway is connected throughout the route, it will become Vietnam’s main arterial road connecting with Ho Chi Minh City. The Government of Vietnam is urgently completing the necessary procedures to deploy the construction of the North-South high-speed railway and if this high-speed train is used, the travel time from Hanoi to Phu Ly station, Ha Nam province just need 12 minutes The proposed location for Hanoi’s second airport is located about 10 km northwest of Kim Bang Industrial Park, so Kim Bang district will be a location with great development potential in the future.