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The Company will approach customers and with professional knowledge and experience in analysis of tax policies and laws, we will support customers in seeking for tax incentives (tax reduction and exemption)

Book-keeping service. Supporting customers in making monthly, quarterly, annual financial reports; Supporting customers in making tax declarations: VAT, PIT, temporary CIT, and foreign withholding tax, etc.

Advising, supporting establishment of companies with 100% foreign capital.  Advising, supporting establishment of joint-venture companies. Advising, supporting establishment of companies’ branches, etc.

Applying for Work Permit, Supporting in making Working Regulations, other consultancy services of labor and salary, etc.

Recruitment support services

Based on interviews of customer’s demand, the Company will support customers in job posting, seeking and introducing candidates who best match with customers’ requirements; which ensures qualified and high-professional staff for customers.

Our company is trusted and highly appreciated by customers in supporting enterprises during their operation relating to administrative procedures, internal control matters such as management, solutions for difficulties and disputes, etc.

BTD Square in Hanoi and BTD Square in Naha locate in a convenient location, have modern rooms and well-equipped meeting room, which are very convenient for new investors to lease in the beginning stage of the investment project for working, meetings and recruitment, etc.

BTD Japan has advised and coordinated with competent authorities to promote Japan Desk’s functions, organized programs and plans to develop and support investment from Japan into Vietnam and improve the investment environment.


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BTD Square in Hanoi provides services relating to corporate accounting and tax accounting.

BTD Square in Hanoi provides consultancy service and supports customers for tax declaration, tax finalization and tax refund according to applicable regulations of Vietnam.

BTD Square in Hanoi advises about procedures of enterprise establishment; establishment of foreign investment projects in Vietnam; labor, salary and insurance issues; preparation of regulations and rules relating to operation of enterprises; operation suspension of enterprises and investment projects, enterprise dissolution and termination of the investment projects.

BTD Square in Naha advises and supports Japanese enterprises on preparing documents and fulfilling procedures for outward investment (investment in Vietnam)

BTD Square in Naha advises Vietnamese enterprises who want to invest and expand their businesses in Japan market, including procedures of enterprise establishment, business location, seeking for partners and surveying Japanese market

BTD Square in Naha performs functions of a representative office for Vietnamese enterprises in Vietnam; functions of transaction office in Japan for industrial zones of Vietnamese investors.


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