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Every business should have accounting system set up in accordance with the provisions of the law from the very first day of operation.

With a professional team of qualified, dynamic, well-trained, and deep understanding about Vietnamese accounting with many years of practical work experience in enterprises, accounting service provided by BTD will bring perfect service to our Customers.

Assessing the current state of corporate tax:

● Review the current taxes related to business practices and business sectors.
● Assess the impact of tax to the business development plan of Customer.
● Research and recommend solutions to reduce tax costs and fit with business objectives.
● Guide and support Customers in implementing these solutions.

Propose solutions to reduce tax expense:

● Propose exemption levels and tax incentives can be applied to business.
● Propose a reasonable financial structure for the benefit of tax.
● Develop optimal salary system for tax saving and benefit for employees.
● Adjust the level of income and expenses to gain tax benefits.
● Advise the business and investment strategy to minimize taxes.
● Advise the transfer activities, benefits and cost sharing agreement between partners to gain tax benefit.

The other advices:

● Advising on billing, accounting vouchers.
● Advising on declaration and reporting taxes.
● Advising on issues relating to Value Added Tax (VAT).
● Advising on issues related to corporate income tax (CIT).
● Advising on issues relating to personal income tax (PIT).
● Advising on the conditions and procedures for tax refund, tax exemption, tax appeal.
● Examining and advising on the appropriateness of the documents used for accounting.
● Advising on accounting, financial reporting, tax settlement reports.
● Adjusting the wrong activities which are not in accordance with the tax law.
● Representing the Customers to contact with the tax agency.