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In order to help Customers to reduce the burden of taxation accounting system and simultaneously analyse the current state of Customers operation, BTD offers the following accounting services:

Checking vouchers and accounting books:

● Checking the appropriateness of the accounting records.
● Checking the arising accounting transactions.
● Checking bookkeeping.
● Checking financial statements.
● Checking settlement report value added tax.
● Checking settlement report corporate income tax.
● Checking settlement record of personal income tax.
● Checking and full reviewing the current state of Customer’s accounting system.

Adjustment, additional books and accounting statements:

● Consulting on adjusting errors, balancing figures in vouchers, revenue, profits and losses which are not appropriate in accounting.
● Adjusting the accounting, tax reporting in accordance with the provisions of the tax law.
● Supporting in making monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements
● Working with the tax agency on behalf of the Customer if any adjustment or supplement.