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Consult for establishing companies.

● Advising a joint venture: BTD points out the differences between different joint venture methods as the reference and options for Investors.

● Consulting Category: BTD will advise and assist investors in business registration in accordance with legal requirements and the actual situation as well as the desire of Investors.

● Advising on capital, investment capital: Capital and investment capital is the basis for state agencies assess the financial capacity of investors for investment projects, therefore, based on industry business and financial capacity of investors, BTD will have registered capital advice accordingly.

● Advising on the legal representative of the company: Enterprise Law 2005 and the guiding documents have certain requirements to legal representatives. BTD will advise the investment criteria for the legal representative does not violate the law.

● Advising on shareholder/member of companies: BTD would advise investors about the rights and obligations of shareholders/members of the company as well as issues related to the change of shareholders / members of companies.

● Advising on profit sharing plans and obligations incurred in the joint venture: BTD would advise investors on how to split the profits of the shareholders/members of the company as well as issues related to obligations of the shareholders/members of the company.

Consult for investment projects.

● Advising on co-operation plan:

BTD will give the pros and cons for each alternative option for investors. In addition, based on the choice of co-operation scheme of investor, we would advise building a legal framework to ensure compliance with laws and regulations ensure the interests of investors in short and long term.

● Objectives of the project:

BTD analyzes and evaluates the goals of the chosen project and the elements of the project to see the match or mismatch of legislation management and the business environment in Vietnam, then provides solution for investment licensing procedures and builds construction steps of the project.

● Location of the project:

BTD has built strong relationships with the investment promotion center of locals, provinces and cities across the country, has promoted cooperation issues with the management boards of many industrial parks which will have more choices for investors on the project site with the convenience of transportation, infrastructure, consistent with the scale of the project.

● Labor:

During the project planning phase, investors will be consulted on the basic level of local labor. The average wage of workers. The social insurance system to pay. The policy for employees. The structure of local labor. Infrastructure for employees (inns, roads, markets).

During the project period, investors will have more advice on the legal regulation of labor in Vietnam. Since then BTD will build the labor regulations, labor agreements and draft plan recruitment, training and employment and reasonable legal.

● Environmental:

Compliance with regulations on environmental protection is required when investing in Vietnam. Investors will be advised of the legal procedures and norms for environmental protection in compliance with the current provisions of the law of Vietnam.

● Investment Incentives:

Preferential policies focusing on areas such as reduction of land rent, land use fees, taxation as income tax reductions, exemptions import some products can not be produced domestically. Investors will be consulted and support the implementation of the procedure prescribed for these incentives.